Crazy Cheer Moms

Dear Crazy Cheer Mom,

It’s not your fault, you fought it for as long as you could. Having a cheerleader as a daughter is no easy task. The constant hours spent at the gym, games, tumbling classes, and competitions were bound to make you go crazy. You swore you would never be the mom who invested more time in cheerleading than housework, but it happened. You said you would never wear the tacky t-shirts that say proud cheer mom, but you do. You said you wouldn’t let us join an all-star cheerleading team that would result in traveling around the country six months out of the year, but you did. You said you would never be the mom who lectured about flexibility, jumps, tumbling, and staying tight in stunts, but you do that too. You said you would support us in everything we do, and that’s one thing that has never changed.

To you crazy cheer moms out there, you do indeed get a bad rap. Anyone who spends the amount of hours you do, invested in watching a team perfect a two-minute and 30 second routine was bound to be captivated by the sport. You sit at competitions for eight hours every weekend (on a good day) watching routines that all look similar and music that sounds like it’s on replay. We could not have ever asked you to become an expert on what makes the routines differ, and what a bobble, bust, touch down look like, but you learned voluntarily. We could not have ever expected you to host pasta parties and team spray tanning before national competitions, but you offered without a second thought. We could not have ever expected you to act as another coach, and even though we are not sure how we feel about this, you ended up doing that too. And the parent team, we never wanted you to do that, but that happened, and it was weird.

In a crazy cheer world where the parent room is your second home, the competition is your vacation destination, and all the other crazy cheer moms are your best friends, we found a common passion. A passion for a sport that unites mothers and daughters across the country and across the world. You may be crazy, but who can blame you? You fell victim to a sport that captivated both of us.

With love,

Cheer Crazed Daughter, Julianna Furfari

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